Anchor Camp 2019

Anchor Summer Camp seeks to provide twelve days of holiday experiences for individuals of all ages with special needs in the Reformed Christian community. Camp creates a time of relief for parents and representatives. Through dedicated volunteers, Anchor Summer Camp promotes a safe environment, supporting the individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the participants. Camp further provides an opportunity to interact and develop friendships among participants and volunteers.

Three weeks until camp and we still are waiting to hear from YOU! The campers, bus drivers, lifeguards, kitchen staff and nurses are ready to go, but while we have 26 campers for week 1, we only have 22 volunteers - so you can see we are almost there! For week 2 we have 34 campers with only 13 volunteers. Do you see our dilemma? So please don't put it off anymore, contact us today at to secure your place as a needed volunteer!