ANCHOR Canadian Reformed Association for the Handicapped Inc. is a non-profitable, charitable organization. Support is provided to individuals with varying degrees of disability in a caring, Christian environment.

Campfire is a Christian, non-profit, overnight children’s camp organized by Canadian Reformed Church members.  Their purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children and youth by providing a safe and spiritual holiday that fosters Biblical knowledge, active faith, and the development of Christian life skills.

Canadian Reformed World Relief Fund (CRWRF) is a voluntary charitable organization based in the federation of Canadian and American Reformed churches.  The Fund presents an avenue to respond to the basic needs of distant neighbours (questions please email: admin@crwrf.ca).

Faithworks operates as sub-committee of CRWRF, sending short-term volunteer teams to show Christian assistance, generosity, charity, mercy, and kindness towards the poor out of thankfulness for the great salvation we have been granted in Jesus Christ to impoverished places in Central America.

Assistance is given to the work of Rev. Dong in the Chinese Christian Fellowship (Urban Mission Vancouver), which is found both in British Columbia and abroad.

Children of Light-‘Anak Anak Terang’ assists needy Christian children in Indonesia.

Coram Deo is an organization which provides educational and medical assistance to needy people in Haiti through projects that reflect the love of Christ, specifically to Adoration School.

ERQ, (Eglise Reforme de Quebec)-the Reformed Churches in Quebec, where support is given for the work of Rev. Paulin Bedard in the church of St. Georges.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship, (MERF).  This work involves bringing the gospel to the Muslim world of the Middle East through Christian radio broadcasts in the Arabic language.  Funds for this work are administered by the Canadian Reformed Church of Burlington West.

The Reformed Portuguese Mission in Toronto/Mississauga has a Portuguese website at igrejareformada.ca

The Free Reformed Churches of South Africa is a bond of churches with whom Canadian Reformed Churches have a sister church relation. These churches are Afrikaans-speaking. The first church was established in Pretoria on October 8, 1950. Since then many more churches have been established and the FRCSA operate their own theological college. The FRCSA conduct extensive missionary work in South Africa, which is done primarily by three churches: the FRC Cape Town, FRC Mamelodi and FRC Pretoria-Maranata. This work is coordinated by the Mission Deputies South Africa. General Synod Chatham deemed these churches worthy of financial assistance to aid them in their missionary work.